Boundaries & Relationships

Boundaries are funny things.  We are constantly worrying about them.  Boundaries with our kids. Boundaries with our parents or in-laws.  Recently, I have been battling ones with my neighbors.  Boundaries are everywhere.  I tend to spend a great deal of time talking about boundaries with the families we work with. Many of us live lives much different than the rest of our families and even some of our friends. We end up needing boundaries in order to keep our children on the path we have selected – it isn’t always easy and we have to constantly evaluate if we can give in to that one episode of Sponge Bob at Grandma’s or that candy bar with Uncle Joe or that video game with cousin Timmy.   How do you stand up without being a beastie?



Sometimes boundary issues hit much closer. A few years back, I worked with a mom that was in a marriage that wasn’t happy. She worried that she was past the point of no return.  Her husband continually crossed boundaries and was verbally abusive. While this is rare among the homeschooling families I work with, it does happen.



More often, what I see are families that WANT to get more connected but lack the starting point.  Somehow Mom & Dad got off course.  They are snippier than usual.  Their intimacy is suffering. Mom feels under appreciated and over worked. Dad feels like he’s bringing home the bacon and that should be enough. Words of frustration fly. Coming back to center isn’t always easy.  We have forgotten how to be help meets to one another.  Wouldn’t you love to find your way back?  Or if your relationship is strong, wouldn’t you love to help it be even stronger?



Mother’s Day should be a time of feeling good.  Feeling good about your path.  Feeling good about your marriage.  Feeling good about your ability to communicate your needs.  Loving your home and family.



Need a little boost? Let me help.  We did so much work with our Beacon program on love and relationships, boundaries and being whole.  We want to share some of these podcasts.  We do not have plans to put these in our store at this time – they feel too…personal.  Erik and I have shared a lot of our lives with these topics while we have worked to help families bloom to their fullest potential.  We decided that just plopping them down in our store didn’t feel right, so we are offering them bit by bit through bundles and future workshops we’ll be hosting.



This weekend, just in time for Mother’s Day, we have this wonderful bundle, over 5 hours of podcasts!



Come and visit.  Let us help you on this journey.

Love & Blessings.

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