Form Drawing

Form drawing verse, hold up thumb, index & middle fingers, straight arm:

Three companions who always serve,
To help me draw straight lines,
To help me draw curves.


Let’s chat about one of my favorite subjects. Form drawing.  It is often forgotten and generally undervalued, but definitely DO-able in EVERY Waldorf home.  I often find myself needing to convince moms that it is indeed important and it doesn’t have to become “yet another thing” they have to learn.  It is so much simpler than that.


Most of us can’t bring eurhythmy to our children – either cost or location becomes an issue with that one, but all of us can bring them form drawing.  Form drawing also works on the etheric or life body.  It is one of those things that we don’t often see the fruits from right away, but when done consistently, with care, preparation and practice on our part then the results can be amazing.

Our new form drawing intensive workshop is  great way to really understand and embrace form drawing.  I thought I would share a bit here…

WHY Form Drawing Audio link

Form drawing can bring so much to us as well as our children.  I have been using it as a tool for inner work for many years.  I find it can really calm the anxious mind – on those days when I can’t settle down enough to meditate, I’ll do form drawing first, slow myself down – lol, like the supplement GABA only without needing to actually put something in my mouth.  It calms the over worked brain.

So much can be done beyond the main lesson with temperaments and special needs children. A good friend of mine also has a teen on the spectrum and she often recalls the benefits of working full body with the forms.  I have experienced the same.  Like knitting and other crossing the midline work, form drawing is incredibly therapeutic.


Want to learn more about form drawing?  Check out our online intensive Form Drawing Workshop.   We have about 100 forms to carry you through the years and beyond your main lessons, 2 hours of video to help you see it in action, audios to help you with presentation and understanding of the HOW & WHY of form drawing.  There is even a mini ebook for using form drawing in your own inner work as well as working with temperaments, special needs and more!

Do you already have our first edition of form drawing?  Well guess what?!  We have an upgrade just for you!  Hop over to the store and see :) And if you are part of our awesome Thinking Feeling Willing program, well then you don’t have to worry about it because it is included!

Oh, before I forget, there is a special price! Through June 6th, this program will be only $32! As always, we are working to keep our prices reasonable.

Love & blessings!



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