Why do some fail? From the archives

I had a client ask this question a few weeks ago and I have been pondering it as I have been working through my own planning and also reflecting on my career as a homeschooling mom. What makes us fail? All of us have an off year here and there – some of us have several years that are not what we’d like, whether it is a birth, death, divorce, illness… or even just an off time for us as Mom, it happens to us all.  What separates those who fail (or think they fail) from those who don’t is one thing… WILL.

Often those seeming *failed*  years aren’t – especially if you had a plan.  To have a plan, you have to have will.  To execute your plan you have to have even more will, lol! To execute your plan in the face of adversity and trials takes a mountain of will. We’ve had a few gnarly years ourselves and my planning saved me – when I was ill before Sariah was born and on bedrest, that plan kept me sane – when we went through legal battles with my former husband and I wanted to melt into a heep on the floor, those plans kept me going – and that first year after my divorce, years ago, without the plans I wouldn’t have been able to focus.  Planning works. Planning gives us the ability to be consistent, even under pressure or when facing challenges. Planning allows us to look at what is coming, re-arrange where needed and adjust schedules.  I love the saying “when the time for decision has come, the time for preparation has passed.”  This little saying holds so much truth.

So, how’s your will?  How in depth are your plans? Monthly, weekly, daily? How about menus? Menu planning sets my grocery budget and my brain free… less decisions to make mean more meals at home and less preparation time.  How about children’s activities… are those in your plan?  When Steiner was a tutor, he prepared for hours just for one lesson… how much are you willing to prepare?

Right now you have the opportunity to get your planning in place, look ahead, even if you don’t know all that will be going on in your coming year, put it down on paper, feast on the new material.  If you need help, ask for it.  We do a ton of answering for free everyday, just ask! We’ll let you know if you need a consult or if we can hammer it out in a couple emails.

Also remember – it takes a lot to fail… it takes not trying… I’ve not met a mama yet that has truly failed her children.  I have however met many mamas who failed to plan and kick themselves trying to catch up all year, don’t let this be you, take an hour a day over the next week and see where you are with your planning, then decide just how much more time you’ll need, break it down. You can do this!!

Having trouble getting started?

Check out our Planning Boot Camp. You can do this!



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