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We are looking for a new home to do the new shows on, but here are some old ones to get you started :) We have plenty more to add!

http://www.beaconmama.com/0116radioshow.mp3 - gr 2 essentials

http://www.beaconmama.com/fablessaints.mp3 - fables & saints podcast

http://www.beaconmama.com/21309radioshow.mp3 - Gr 3 essentials

http://www.beaconmama.com/OTgrade3.mp3 – Old Testament podcast



http://www.beaconmama.com/mananimalgr4.mp3 - man/animal podcast

Fourth grade is also an earnest beginning of geography, beginning with what the child already knows – their home, street, neighborhood, city, etc. We describe local geography study here:
http://www.beaconmama.com/gr4localhistory.mp3 - Gr 4 local history

Other essentials of grade 4:
http://www.beaconmama.com/02202009radioshow.mp3 - Gr4 Essentials

Podcasts for Grade 5:

http://www.beaconmama.com/33009radioshow.mp3 - Gr5 Essentials Pt 1

http://www.beaconmama.com/4062009radioshow.mp3 - Gr 5 Essentials Pt. 2

Grade 6 podcasts:

http://www.beaconmama.com/04142009.mp3 - Gr 6 Essentials pt 1

http://www.beaconmama.com/4-20-2009.mp3 - Gr 6 Essentials pt 2

http://www.beaconmama.com/51809.mp3 - Gr 6 Essentials pt 3

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