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TFW ~ Annual

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This is our annual membership.  Get the same expert advice and support as our Lifetime membership, only this one is just for a year.  Get a huge amount of support from an expert – someone that has homeschooled all the grades and has an intense commitment to the Waldorf community.  All the training!  Melisa Nielsen provides incredible training, discounts on live conferences. a private Facebook forum, free workshops, a standing 20% discount in the store and much more.  Melisa is adding to this program all the time and as long as your membership is current it will all be included.  She also is working with a new concept – Life Essentials Coaching…. her expert peer assistance with rhythm, inner work and all things homeschooling makes this membership one that you will never regret having.


  • Expert mentoring for ONE year for homeschooling, inner work, handwork AND LIFE  (phone & online)
  • Mom Lessons (training for the Waldorf path)


What is in the Mom Lessons?  Good question!  Why do you need this anyway right?!

Mom Lesson 1 This lesson is all about RHYTHM.  Finally get to the heart of having a peaceful home.  Learn to hold the space and really enjoy being home with your children.

Mom Lesson 2 Understand  Waldorf LEARNING as it applies to the home.  Get the big picture, the how, the why and the when.  This lesson is designed to arm you with the knowledge you will need in the coming years as you seek to educate your child with Waldorf ideals.

Mom Lesson 3 INNER WORK is often spoke of but not always understood.  We work to get to the heart of what makes you tick, learning to understand yourself so you can better understand your child.  Self governing is the key to a healthy home life.  Please know that this a multi & non denominational program.  We work with families that are all religions and ones with no religion.  The Spirit transcends the constructs of man.  We work to understand each other and support each other.

Mom Lesson 4 The foundations of TEMPERAMENT and how it works in our lives. Learn how to honor temperament but not use it as a crutch and arm your children with balance in their own temperament.

Mom Lesson 5 This lesson is about the mystery of FORM DRAWING.  It really isn’t a mystery at all, but it is a very important part of this method of education. We cover the how and the why, from the straight line to beautiful geometry.  This Mom Lesson is the same as our Form Drawing Intensive.

Mom Lesson 6 PLANNING is the key to success with anything, but with homeschooling it is for sure a must.  Melisa and Amber are master planners, they are mom’s that know how to get things done. This mom lesson is the content of our Planning Intensive.  Learn how to plan your main lessons and your school year.

Mom Lesson 7 This lesson is all about getting comfortable with PAINTING and DRAWING.  We have some great painting tutorials that cover everything from mixing paint to those first lessons with your child. We have some drawing instruction as well and our Lifetime members get streaming access to Coloring with Block Crayons by Sigi deFrancesca.

Mom Lesson 8 MOVEMENT comprises about 1/3 of the Waldorf curriculum.  We usually think of eurhythmy when we think of movement in Waldorf.  Without a trained teacher, this can be hard to bring to your children.  We have worked to bring you some archetypal movement and we are working on bringing much more.

Mom Lesson 9 MODELING can be a struggle to those of us that grew up with play dough.  This lesson focuses on the fundamentals of modeling and how to model through the years.  This lesson will be added to in 2014 to include working with pure forms.

Mom Lesson 10  HANDWORK can seem really overwhelming unless you are a handwork teacher!  We cover oodles of handwork, you will not be bored or overwhelmed! You will learn how to knit, crochet, needlework and more.  We have patterns and work to help you through the grades.

Mom Lesson 11 Celebrating FESTIVALS is new to many families.  We have worked to help you find spiritual connection during these times as well as concrete things to do with your children to celebrate the passage of the seasons. We are continually adding to our festivals section to keep it fresh and relevant to the families in the program.

Mom Lesson 12 From using your voice to learning how to use a blowing instrument, this lesson is all about MUSIC.  We help you learn to bring music to your days.

13 is coming!  All about Marriage!  A strong marriage makes your homeschooling SOAR!


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