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Grade 4 Curriculum – DIGITAL

Grade 4

This is the EBOOK.



This year take an adventure with Thor and Loki as they travel through grade four. We also cover local history and zoology (Human Being & the Animal World).

Most moms want to know a few things about our curriculum before they commit to buy.  
Is it complete? This is our second edition of grade 4.  In this edition you will find detailed main lessons.  This edition DOES include math, DO NOT purchase a math resource.
Do you have daily lesson plans or just ideas? This contains planned out daily lessons.
What else will I need? We have made every effort to try to be complete, but there will be times when you will need to look at other resources, we give many options including library options so that you can keep your costs low.
You will also need main lesson books and your other standard school supplies.
What if I get stuck? I am happy to help!  I offer consulting by the hour or for the school year through our Thinking Feeling Willing program. I am here to help. This can be a tough road, let me walk by your side.
I am new to Waldorf, how can you help me feel confident? We have many things we recommend for those that are coming to Waldorf at this stage. Just email me, I am happy to help you get on the road to feeling good with the curriculum.
Do you have samples for me to look at? Yes we do!!  You can view our sample page HERE
Why are you so much cheaper than other Waldorf curriculum providers? Because I know how tough it can be to raise a family on a budget!
Details for this edition:
  • 9 months of daily lessons.
  • Weekly form drawing.
  • Full background for all main lessons including:
    •  the text “Children of Odin” & Norse myth lessons
    • Human being & animal lessons
    • Exploring local history/geography and your child’s relationship to it
  • Continuing grammar.
  • Math lessons for the year.
  • Handwork  - cross stitch, continuing knitting & patterns (on our support link)
  • A support link that has video content and main lesson pictures, handwork instructions and more!
Price: $40
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