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Thinking Feeling Willing FAQ

We have a new audio with the break down, listen to the MP3 HERE :)
This is such a fabulous program!  It is constantly growing and evolving.
Our foundation program is a fabulous way to come to Waldorf education or continue your learning and gain mentoring on the journey.

Thinking Feeling Willing ~ Waldorf Homeschool Teacher Training

  1. Mom Lessons of Waldorf foundations, including: Rhythm, 7 yr.  cycles, inner work, temperaments, form drawing, planning, modeling, painting & drawing, music, the handwork curriculum and movement. (for a deeper description of these see below) These lessons are continually added to.
  2. Includes all of our intensives, Form Drawing, Planning, Modeling, Painting & Drawing, Music, Handwork & Movement – Huge value over $150 just in intensives all included!
  3. We are working to include more world wide festivals for both hemispheres!
  4. Handwork, for Mom, plus handwork for the grades.
  5. A full year’s worth of consulting via phone or email! Personal on going support.
  6. The very best of our Beacon program and more!
  7. A special, private, Thinking Feeling Willing Facebook group.


Rhythm: This is the best way to get a rock solid rhythm! Finally grasp it and learn to tame it. Understand why rhythm at home is far more than what day you are painting or baking, it is about holding the space. Master it once and for all!

7 year Cycles & the Waldorf Curriculum: Finally understand the what AND the why – not only that but the HOW! Plus, Melisa will help you plan so you have the calm in your schooling again.

Inner Work: Waldorf calls for the inner work of the teacher connecting with the child.  This isn’t a religious curriculum, but it is very spiritual.  Learn to tap into that Beacon place for your family.

Temperament: Learn to honor temperament and not use it as a crutch. Learn how to talk to your children and to have harmony with the temperament soup in your home.

Form Drawing: The how AND why of form drawing through the years, from the straight line and curve to beautiful geometry. Learn to use form drawing as a tool for inner work.

Planning: Melisa is a master planner, with five children she has to be!  Learn to plan main lessons for several children and actually hold those lessons without meltdowns or frustration.

Painting & Drawing: We will help you be comfortable and confident with these. New painting videos and instruction on how these change through the years.

Festivals: Festivals with children in a fun and imaginative way and well as reflection for you!  AND for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, finally a guide that will help you too!

Music: From using your voice to learning a blowing instrument, learn the music curriculum and how to bring it to your family.

The Handwork Curriculum at Home: Often handwork at home feels much different than it does in a school setting.  Learn how to meet even the pickiest child with handwork so you can both be happy!

Modeling: From play dough to clay to beeswax, you will finally master modeling for yourself and understand the how and why and where it falls into your lessons through the years.

Movement:  Movement comprises about 1/3 of the Waldorf curriculum in a school setting, learn how to really bring movement to your family.

What about handwork? Is that included? Yes. We have so much handwork!  You will never be bored.  We will teach you to knit, crochet, embroider plus do many other wonderful Waldorf crafts. Dozens of patterns with full photo and/or video instructions. When you are participating with TFW for the grades, you will also have grade specific handwork lessons! This is continually added to!

What else comes with the program? In 2013, we will begin having monthly live podcasts for members – these will be directed by what members want to hear! A special Inner Work section –  the best of our Beacon program plus MUCH more!  Parenting is a massive inner work commitment, we are here to help. More is coming!  It is forever evolving and becoming a better program each day. Do you any testimonials for me to read? Yes, you can find them HERE.

Ready for the price? In line with our other work, we want to keep this program affordable.  You have options! Monthly (you are billed monthly for access to the program) $18 Annually $150 (renewal after year one is $100) Lifetime $550 ($375 if you are upgrading from annual.  This is the most awesome level as you get so much more.  You get print copies of all the curriculum we have available plus digital of the rest!  Such a great deal.  All your curriculum, plus support for the life of your homeschooling career!)


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