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Thinking Feeling Willing is a 16 module online course (video, audio & PDF)  that walks you through the elements of Waldorf homeschooling.  

Be at PEACE knowing you have a blueprint for your child's education. 

Gain the CONFIDENCE to be the Mom AND the Teacher you want to be.

Learn how to get started TODAY building a homeschool path that your child will treasure.

Learn EVERYTHING you need to know about homeschooling with Waldorf.  Beginning to end and EVERYTHING in between. 

Waldorf education is a beautiful, healing method to bring to your family, in our program we work to remove the obstacles and light the path.

Waldorf education at home is by far one of the best methods to educate but it can feel so overwhelming! There's so much to learn - not to mention the art, the inner work and the toys.  It feels like so much!  How will you ever gain the confidence you need? How will you ever be what your child needs? It can feel so heavy.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  We can offer some help. 

Thinking Feeling Willing

A guide for your Waldorf homeschooling journey.