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  • Grade 4 Curriculum - PRINT

    Grade 4
    A JOURNEY THROUGH WALDORF HOMESCHOOLING GRADE 4, 2nd Edition This year take an adventure with Thor and Loki as they travel through grade four. We also cover local history and zoology (Human Being & the Animal World). Most moms want to know a few things about our curriculum before they commit to buy.   Is it complete? This is our second edition of grade 4. More Info »
  • Coming Late to Waldorf - Grade 4

    This is an EBOOK   This is a great guide if you missed the first three years of Waldorf education (first, second & third) and you want to dive in at fourth grade.  This guide will catch you up and give you the depth that you missed as well as be a great primer for Waldorf in general, many of the basics are covered.  More Info »
  • Kindergarten and Early Years Curriculum (age 0-6) - PRINT

    ECK cover
    This is an amazing resource!  Here's what you'll get: Kindergarten for ages 4-5 Kindergarten for ages 5-6 Before the Journey You also get handwork that goes with the curriculum, we teach you how to do it all! You get links to our circle videos, fully planned out circle times, audios, tutorials... so much more. This is for the soft cover version, please keep in More Info »
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