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If you’ve found us, you’ve heard about Waldorf education and the benefits it can bring to your home and family. You may have also found a lot of information, some of it confusing. Some of it from sources and educators that aren’t in the trenches like you are raising a family and balancing all of your responsibilities. We’ve been there, in fact, we are still in that place right along with you. We can help bring harmony, balance, peace and rhythm to your home. Get to know us we are excited to be your guide. 

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Links you need!

I wanted to grab some links that are there for your reading pleasure. I see these as mini consults with me.  Feel free to ask questions! PDF download format Teaching Several Children Crafting a Health Home Rhythm Series Temperament Parenting Believe in Love Marriage, Attachment Parenting & Waldorf Treasures from My Path     Facebook groups Homeschooling Waldorf Support Waldorf Early Childhood & Kindergarten Support Waldorf homeschooling with Big Kids Waldorf with Special Needs

The Power of Whispering

  Whispering. I mentioned before that I do some whispering.  I am telling you this can be magic. You should consider a few things. First, what is your state of mind when you are putting this child to bed? Are you in a good place? Is it what you want them to take into dreamland with them? Ideally there is no fighting before bed, it sends them off unsettled. I know that is hard in some cases so perhaps looking at your bedtime rhythm is in order. Rhythm for a nursing child… so this is basically 2 and under, not...

What do I use? How do we keep so healthy?

From time to time I will talk about the products I love.  All the times in the past I haven’t generally had any financial gain from any of them.  I don’t generally sell the products, I just like to pass the info along. This time it is different.  There is something that I believe in enough that I wanted to join their sales team.  Don’t worry, I am not going to go all crazy, I still have my foot planted firmly in Waldorf Essentials, but I also can’t help but tell people about this product and the opportunity. Most of...

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