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If you’ve found us, you’ve heard about Waldorf education and the benefits it can bring to your home and family. You may have also found a lot of information, some of it confusing. Some of it from sources and educators that aren’t in the trenches like you are raising a family and balancing all of your responsibilities. We’ve been there, in fact, we are still in that place right along with you. We can help bring harmony, balance, peace and rhythm to your home. Get to know us we are excited to be your guide. 

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I wanted to grab some links that are there for your reading pleasure. I see these as mini consults with me.  Feel free to ask questions! PDF download format Teaching Several Children Crafting a Health Home Rhythm Series Temperament Parenting Believe in Love Marriage, Attachment Parenting & Waldorf Treasures from My Path     Facebook groups Homeschooling Waldorf Support Waldorf Early Childhood & Kindergarten Support Waldorf homeschooling with Big Kids Waldorf with Special Needs

Rhythm at Home by Luce

Please enjoy another delightful blog post by one of the families I have the pleasure of working with. *~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~ We decided to home educate our children when our eldest (now 4.5) was around 2 years old. We had duly visited the local state schools when he was just a baby, knowing deep down that was not what we wanted but with school age being still far enough away not to seem a pressing issue. As time passed we discussed our feelings about school and decided to revisit our (then) local Steiner Parent and Toddler Group and subsequently visited the associated...

52 Weeks of Nature Tables – September Week 4

Valor and kindness are two things that are often overlooked in today’s mainstream world.  They aren’t in the Nielsen house.  Whether it be girl or boy, we encourage virtues within our children at a young age. This week being Michaelmas it gave us the opportunity to talk about it more than usual.  I love to hear what children say when they are unscripted and speaking from their hearts. In our story of the young knight George, Sariah was quick to point out that George helped the gnomes AND the dragon. The dragon needed help and didn’t want to hurt anyone...

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