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What is Waldorf Homeschool Curriculum?

Waldorf is a holistic approach that follows the development of your child. The method was founded by Austrian scholar and theologist Rudolf Steiner. Waldorf helps unfold the whole child, head, heart, and hands.

Waldorf Essentials currently offers curriculum and support from early childhood through seventh grade. We also offer support through high school.

We also offer Life Essentials© coaching. We work with Waldorf and non Waldorf families to help them reach their fullest potential in their home life, business life and marriage.

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Links you need!

I wanted to grab some links that are there for your reading pleasure. I see these as mini consults with me.  Feel free to ask questions! PDF download format Teaching Several Children Crafting a Health Home Rhythm Series Temperament Parenting Believe in Love Marriage, Attachment Parenting & Waldorf Treasures from My Path     Facebook groups Homeschooling Waldorf Support Waldorf Early Childhood & Kindergarten Support Waldorf homeschooling with Big Kids Waldorf with Special Needs

52 Weeks of Nature Tables – March wk 4

This week the humans in our house have been very busy.  A perfect living of the 4th week of the cycle.  We visited a sheep farm earlier this month so we have been wrapped up in sheep and all they do.  This week we turned our attention to the things that humans do with sheep’s wool.  We spun and then we dyed yarn with our co-op.   We have long loved the two books pictured.  Pirate Jam & Farmer Brown Sheers His Sheep.  These are great little stories about yarn and what we do with it.  Farmer Brown takes you...

When do you get YOUR stuff done? For our WAHM’s

I get asked this time and again and I also have struggled with it time and again.  It is for sure a work in progress.  I see SO much that needs to be done and I start to panic about how it will get done.  Erik reminds me to pray about it.  Low and behold… I get quiet and I am reminded of little pieces of time that I need to just use better.  Having a good personal rhythm is especially important if you are working from home.  If you are writing, crafting or even running a home day care,...

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