Our school plans

I often get asked what our plans look like for the year – especially my big kids since we don’t have a grade 8+ guide yet. Here is our master plan for the year.  I do the big folded paper to begin and then as I narrow things down, I put it all into Evernote so I can have it with me at all
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Comic Con & You

I often talk about relationships and how we can relate to Dad, this post will touch that a bit but is more about how you can have fun at cons and conventions and enjoy time with your family and also support small artists. Artist list at the end of the post Waldorf + Comics??? I often get emails criticizing my support of the comic
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Love + Marriage + Waldorf?

I have been working with a lot of families lately that are struggling with this whole love and marriage bit.  I spent some time this weekend putting together a few thoughts that I hope are helpful. Marriage, Waldorf & Attachment Parenting pdf download

Amber’s awesome early years planning video

Amber is such a wonderful addition to Waldorf Essentials.  I just love having her here to help and bring forth her own magic! She blogs at Looking for Magic in the Mundane. This video has a planning guide that accompanies it for Thinking Feeling Willing members.  Not a member?  Come and play with us!


When I started this path of inner work 12+ years ago, I was going through a divorce and working to raise three small children in what I knew would be a constant battle with their very frustrating father. I decided then, I was Pagan at the time, that in order to walk this path with the Universe, I would have to do more surrendering,
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Our Summer Sale is HERE!

Welcome to our summer sale for 2014! We have some fun things in store. Week 1 (Today-6/13) Enjoy 30% off of everything in our store, including TFW!  We have an awesome drawing at the end of the week for this book and a golden yellow playsilk to go with it! Week 2 (6/14- 20) Enjoy 25% off of everything in our store, including TFW!
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Fun Summer Sale on It’s Way!

Come back Friday morning, June 6th for some great announcements for our summer sale   We have some great giveaways we are preparing for you!  Come back Friday!  Mark your calendar!

A Melisa Update :)

  I have so many people ask me how and what happened that I thought I had better get it all out.  ~*~*~*~*~ My only brush with high blood pressure was when I was pregnant with Sariah.  Once she was born, it returned to normal and I didn’t often think about it.  In December of 2013, I broke a tooth and the dentist told
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Support for Melisa and Her Family!

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Melisa was admitted to the ICU on Monday evening. She is still in the hospital undergoing tests to determine the cause of the the pain and discomfort she has been going through, along with dangerously high blood pressure and other worrisome symptoms. They are taking good care of her, but during this time Melisa is unable
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We’re not done! (From the Archives)

From the Archives, May 2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a common frustration this time of year.  A mom on our list was worried this week that she wouldn’t get lessons done with her second grader and that his skills were not where they “should” be… as I was about to comfort her, I realized how much more work my own 7th grader has to finish. 
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