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I wanted to grab some links that are there for your reading pleasure. I see these as mini consults with me.  Feel free to ask questions! PDF download format Teaching Multiple Children Crafting a Health Home Rhythm Series Temperament Parenting Believe in Love Marriage, Waldorf and Attachement Parenting Treasures From My Path Facebook groups Homeschooling Waldorf Support Waldorf Early Childhood & Kindergarten Support Waldorf
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Eurythmy At Home ~ Cynthia Hoven

Cynthia Hoven is a dear friend and she put this together for us to introduce her new program!  Finally you have access at home! Announcing Eurythmy:  A modern movement path that integrates Thinking, Feeling and Willing like none other. Melisa has always tried to create the best opportunities she can for her network of homeschooling parents, and so when we first met, about
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Sam’s reading journey

This could also be titled…the journey of a late reader. Super Sam is now almost 8.5 and he is the first of my children that I would say has struggled with reading. I did everything the same.  He is child #4.  Really by my standards this isn’t late, by Waldorf standards it isn’t late either. Many moms worry about late reading, it seems to
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Studying or Reading? Working with Scripture in Lessons

Having an understanding of Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Muslim scripture is an important part of teaching in grades 3, 5 and 6.  Many often shy away from this study because of previous bad experiences with religion or because they don’t realize the significance in learning about the time period they are teaching.  Beyond studying for school purposes, studying scriptures (of all faiths) can enhance
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Welcome Krista from Lazy Lady Living

This begins our time visiting with some of our Thinking Feeling Willing moms that have businesses.  Enjoy this post about Krista and check out her program! You’re a Homeschooling mama. You understand what goes into creating a happy, peaceful and productive home. But more than half the time it feels like an insurmountable amount of work to get there and has you stressed out
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What’s New & Menu Thoughts

The Michaelmas winds bring change to our door but all is good. What’s new?  Well this month we have said good bye to our dear friend and assistant Amber.  She was such a big help for a nice long time, help us wish her well as she prepares for a new addition to her family.  Thank you Amber for the time you have spent
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Our school plans

I often get asked what our plans look like for the year – especially my big kids since we don’t have a grade 8+ guide yet. Here is our master plan for the year.  I do the big folded paper to begin and then as I narrow things down, I put it all into Evernote so I can have it with me at all
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Comic Con & You

I often talk about relationships and how we can relate to Dad, this post will touch that a bit but is more about how you can have fun at cons and conventions and enjoy time with your family and also support small artists. Artist list at the end of the post Waldorf + Comics??? I often get emails criticizing my support of the comic
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Love + Marriage + Waldorf?

I have been working with a lot of families lately that are struggling with this whole love and marriage bit.  I spent some time this weekend putting together a few thoughts that I hope are helpful. Marriage, Waldorf & Attachment Parenting pdf download

Amber’s awesome early years planning video

Amber is such a wonderful addition to Waldorf Essentials.  I just love having her here to help and bring forth her own magic! She blogs at Looking for Magic in the Mundane. This video has a planning guide that accompanies it for Thinking Feeling Willing members.  Not a member?  Come and play with us!

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