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I wanted to grab some links that are there for your reading pleasure. I see these as mini consults with me.  Feel free to ask questions! PDF download format Teaching Multiple Children Crafting a Health Home Rhythm Series Temperament Parenting Believe in Love Marriage, Waldorf and Attachement Parenting Treasures From My Path Facebook groups Homeschooling Waldorf Support Waldorf Early Childhood & Kindergarten Support Waldorf
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Explorers in Grade 7

FROM THE ARCHIVES – I wrote this a few years ago.  We are now working on a grade 8 guide and 7 will get some more additions. We keep getting many questions about our work for the upper grades.  We have finished grade 7  – this story is one we wrote for the explorer block.  Use it for yourself after you have done your
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This amazing boy…the blessings of special needs

From the archives (he is nearly 18 now.)   I get a lot of questions about special needs, specifically autism spectrum children.  I want to highlight the success that can come from believing in yourself and in your child.  This is Harry.  He is our oldest, he will be 14 in January. When he was two he had a vaccine that changed his life
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Integrating BSA

From the archives When moms find out we are part of the BSA program (Boy Scouts of America) I get mixed reactions, lol.  Some mothers are appalled that we would be part of it and others wonder just how we make it work with our lessons.  The program for big boys, starting when they are 12, true BSA, not the cubbing program can easily be pulled
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Coming to Waldorf Late (From the Archives)

From the Archives, October 2009 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The past two radio shows focused on coming to Waldorf during the grade school years.  I want to address some of the key points that we feel are important when you are new to Waldorf homeschooling.  Most people only think of the beeswax crayons, nice pencils and paint – these are great, but what do you do with
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But Mom! It is fun. part 2

From the archives Hopefully you have had a little time to contemplate how you want your home to feel.  Now lets talk a bit more about how to get it that way. One big hot button for me is the decline of morality in our society.  Things that would have never been ok twenty years ago seem to be ok now and it spills
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Preparing for Avent in the Nielsen house wk 1

FROM THE FILES – I AM NOT PREGNANT I know many blogs will have Advent posts over the next few weeks, I thought I would share our family.  Life has of course slowed down a bit since I got pregnant, but we are all looking at it as a special precious time and enjoying every second. I do think God has a way of
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Preparation for Advent

As the holidays draw near, I am feeling the familiar stirring of anticipation.  Even here in sunny San Diego, while we don’t have defined seasons like other places, we do have the same darkness, in fact I was shocked a bit when we moved here just how much earlier it gets dark here than it did when we were in the Mountain Time Zone.
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Eurythmy At Home ~ Cynthia Hoven

Cynthia Hoven is a dear friend and she put this together for us to introduce her new program!  Finally you have access at home! Announcing Eurythmy:  A modern movement path that integrates Thinking, Feeling and Willing like none other. Melisa has always tried to create the best opportunities she can for her network of homeschooling parents, and so when we first met, about
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Sam’s reading journey

This could also be titled…the journey of a late reader. Super Sam is now almost 8.5 and he is the first of my children that I would say has struggled with reading. I did everything the same.  He is child #4.  Really by my standards this isn’t late, by Waldorf standards it isn’t late either. Many moms worry about late reading, it seems to
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