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We are not perfect… we know it *wink* We are working to change our work over to a new publisher and thought this would be a perfect opportunity to ask for some help.  If you know of a typos, lesson number mix up or other snafu please leave us a comment!

What makes it Waldorf?

There has been a lot of buzz lately about Waldorf or Waldorf inspired and who can really use that word and who can’t and I find it really comes down to MOM.  Mom understanding what makes something Waldorf.  I honestly try not to play the “is it Waldorf enough” game.  I find that comparison very negative and find it stops up our growth when
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Dangling Off the Cliff by Amber Hellewell

  This post is for those of you who are dangling off the edge of the parenting and homeschooling cliff; you may be feeling exhausted, alone, frustrated, angry, depressed or just plain worn down by the pressures of life. The cliff feels enormous, your shoulders are aching from the over-sized backpack you are carrying… the sun is beating on your back… you are sweating,
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Spring Song Book!

We are happy to bring you our newest pentatonic song book!  This one is full of Spring.  Below is a sample from the book and a link to it in our store   Blessings! Super Sam and the Snail  It was a crisp spring morning and Super Sam opened his eyes excited to work. He had been asked by Hummus,  the head garden gnome
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Going Greek

From the Archives, December 2009 Okay, so we aren’t Greek, lol… but right now you can’t tell my middle son that!  I have seen something in him this year that I knew was there but he was hiding it a bit… maybe it was the nine year change, maybe it was his temperament but BOOM this year he is giving me more!  This has
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The truth about inner work…

I am going to try not to make this book length, but this topic takes more than a few lines to tackle so stick with me I get a lot of requests for a more secular approach to Waldorf or ways to use our curriculum in a more secular way.  In the years that I have been working with Waldorf families, I have found
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How is your Brave?

Last month I posted one of my favorite songs and discussed my intention for bravery in all that I do. Funny how sometimes one little pesky bit of grit can climb under your skin and start to cause an irritation – before you know it, it can wear away your brave. I haven’t had that happen to me in a long time… months….longer than
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City Building in Grade Seven

From the Archives, October 2009 As we are continuing to work on our grade seven curriculum, we have still been working with our own son who is in seventh grade.  We laid out the plan to include the entire time period of the Renaissance between now and Christmas. We began working through some of the religious figures of the time period.  There were many
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Children going through change… (From the archives)

From the archives, December 2008 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When I decided to put together this post, at first I was going to split it up into several and talk about some different age groups – I will do that a bit later but really wanted to address a few things regarding change in general and then also really discuss children between the ages of 5 and
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Beginning zoology… (from the archives)

From the archives, October 2008 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To start the zoology block for grade four, it can be helpful to discuss the differences between a rock, a seed/plant and then an animal.  I like to let this unfold by asking questions like “What is this rock? how is it different from the seed?”  Once they understand the line of questioning, it is easy to pick
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Inner Work + Rhythm + Planning

I am excited to introduce a great new eCourse that goes hand in hand with our Thinking Feeling Willing program.  It starts March 1st and will go through the spring and summer so you can stay engaged and on the path for your inner work, planning and rhythm – in school and out of school!  More HERE. What is the Inner Work + Rhythm
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